Thursday, 18 November 2010

New York Times Article/Video & AU Magazine

The New York Times made a video and wrote an article about the Quarterly Art Soiree at Webster Hall, where I exhibited art a few days ago. My paintings made their way into the video!

Many thanks to those who attended the show!

Also, HERE is a link to AU Magazine's online version of their publication, showing several pages of illustrations I did for Kiran Acharya's article on creationism. This link will take you to the first 2 pages of illustrations, and the going on to the next page will show you the third.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Terri Hooley for AU Magazine

I just finished an illustration of Terri Hooley, known as 'the godfather of Northern Irish punk.' As he holds this unofficial title, I chose to depict Hooley like the 'actual' Godfather (Brando-style), with a few twists. Hooley began the Good Vibrations record label, and was responsible for breaking bands such as the Undertones.. He continues to be an active member of Northern Ireland's musical community. This illustration is to accompany a review of Hooley's new book in AU Magazine's upcoming issue.

The Heart is a Lonely Hunter

I did some paintings a while back that I never posted of characters from Carson McCuller's beautiful novel, 'The Heart is a Lonely Hunter.' Here is one the young protagonist, Mick. The first image is the full view, and the second is a zoomed view. Click to see larger versions.

Friday, 5 November 2010

Exhibiting Art at Webster Hall in New York City

I'm exhibiting some art -- paintings, drawings, and prints -- in New York City on November 14, as part of the Quarterly Art Soiree. The event runs from noon til 2am, at Webster Hall, roundabouts Manhattan's East Village, on 11th Street between Third and Fourth Avenues. Many things of goodness will happen there. There will be lots of arts of lots of kinds: painting and drawing, photography, installation, performance, fashion, dance, film, theatre, music...
My art will be up in the ArtBar.
Please come! Click the invitation below to see details.