Monday, 17 March 2014

Blog Catch Up: Animation in 'London Stories: 2014 Serco Prize for Illustration' Exhibition at London Transport Museum

My 'Our Town' animation (which can be viewed at Joymask's Youtube channel here: can now be viewed a bit more formally, too. 'Our Town' is on display through early April at London Transport Museum in the 'London Stories' show, an exhibition of 50 illustrations and 5 animations selected from over 1,000 entries for the 2014 Serco Prize for Illustration.

Several photos (of somewhat debatable quality) from the exhibition private view are yonder below. A lovely time was had by all, and I even got to wear a jingly little badge with the TFL sign on it that read 'Rebecca Hendin: Featured Animator,' which all felt very fancy indeed.

Blog Catch Up: Illustration for Passing Clouds

I also recently did the poster illustration and graphic design for East London venue Passing Clouds' bluesy, swingy, festive club night, The Cakewalk Cafe:

Blog Catch Up: Olfactory Illustration

I created an editorial illustration to accompany an article about the olfactory system by Apolline Saillard in the upcoming Central Saint Martins MA Culture, Criticism, and Practice + MA Communication Design collaborative publication. The publication launch will take place soon at the Whitechapel Gallery in East London.

 Colour + B&W versions:

Raw drawing vs. final piece:

Blog Catch Up: Integrating Knowledge Exhibition at Somerset House

I've neglected my blog rather badly over the last several months due to Masters Degree madness, but it's time for many-an-update going back through mid-2013! Firstly, some images from the Integrating Knowledge Exhibition my work was part of at Somerset House in spring 2013.

I worked with a small team of people from Central Saint Martins MA programme and the Kings College London research department to produce a project following the path through London outlined in Virginia Woolf's 'Street Haunting.' I created illustrations based on parts of the story, then superimposed the illustrations into relative locations along the 'Street Haunting' path.

A few of my illustrations, and images of them superimposed into the London cityscape:

The exhibition set up:

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Animated Music Video for Joymask's 'Our Town'

I'm happy to present my first ever all-animated music video, created for London modern jazz/funk band Joymask's song 'Our Town.' I've been working on this animation for the past 5 months, so it's been a rather long time coming! During its creation, the animation was selected for the 2014 Serco Illustration Prize Exhibition to be held from early February through April 2014 at London Transport Museum (in Covent Garden). Mosey over to the exhibition if you're in London!
And of course check out Joymask online and at a venue near you.

'Our Town' Animation on YouTube:
(Select 1080HD option in video player to see full-quality video)

Selected Animation Stills:

Monday, 30 September 2013

Illustration Design for Reading's Whitley Arts Festival

Recently finished illustration/design Commission:
My flyer for 'Constellation,' part of Whitley Arts Festival taking place 25 October 2013 in Reading, England. The art will be printed at A4 and folded in the middle for distribution at A5, thus the sort of split-sided-conscious design to work as a folded object.

Flyer Front:
The front had to combine celestial themes with an actual, usable map of Reading, so that town visitors would be grabbed by the imagery, but could also use the map for real way-finding in the town.

Flyer Back:
The back had to stylistically match the front, but fit all the text about the festival events and venues. The main challenge came in fitting the information about 10 venues, whilst keeping everything both readable and interesting - and making sure that the most important wording stood out.

Flyer Front + Back Together:
Hopefully, the front and back of the flyer work together to form a cohesive piece - both engaging and useful. The final design object is printed at A4 and folded horizontally to make an A5 card. The right side of the flyer 'front' forms the front of the folded card, the wordy 'back' image forms the inside, and the left side of the 'front' forms the back of the folded final.

Project was art directed by Edmund Harcourt of Hogarth Productions for 2013 Whitley Arts Festival.

Monday, 12 August 2013

Nottingham LeftLion Magazine Illustration

Editorial illustration I made for Nottingham's LeftLion Magazine to accompany an article called 'How Soon Is Mao?' featuring an interview with author Rhiannon Jenkins Tsang on her new book 'The Woman Who Lost China.' The book tells a tale surrounding 1949-era China, when the Chinese Republic was being overtaken by Chairman Mao's communist regime.

I also did the page design and typography, which I created to reflect the lettering used in Chinese propaganda art of the time. The article text fills lined background on the page.

You can find the article and artwork in LeftLion Issue #54 (Aug-Sep 2013) here:

Many thanks to Jared, the editor of LeftLion, for being a lovely client and general human.

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

A Rather Beastly Dance

Private illustration commission of dancing animals, created for use as art for a children's nursery.
(See? I can do light and silly, too. I'm only, like, 87% snark and sarcasm. The other 13% is totally sparkles and unicorns.)
Click the picture below to see the image of the beasts dancing larger-ly.