Friday, 15 August 2014

Illustration for VICE Article

 Well hello, the internet. I've not posted here for a few months again - with due cause. It's been a very busy time, during which I've been working on a large variety of different projects - some professional and some academic - some of which I can now share, and others which must remain under wraps a bit longer in anticipation of their due release dates. In the last several months, in addition to various illustration, design and animation projects, I've also finished my Masters Degree, which was slightly time consuming. Now it seems I have a MA in Communication Design from Central Saint Martins. Hurrah.

I'll post various projects that I've been working on in the weeks upcoming, but for now, here is the most recently published of my illustration work - an editorial illustration for VICE, to accompany an article by Mike Diver titled 'Five Reasons Why the Wii U is the Hipster Console of Choice This Summer.' Accordingly, I painted Mario and Luigi as proper hipsters.

This is the final illustration, as was published:

...And here is an image of the illustration in progress - after the sketch was finalised:

Sneaky studio shot of the illustration mid-painting - messy desk, melting iced-coffee, and all:

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