Sunday, 30 December 2012

Search Engineering: Happiness (Animation)

Little illustrated, animated experiment I made. It's about internet search engine-defined happiness - happiness viewed through a lens of an adverted-smiley-faced-sunseted-clusterfuck of cliches, a bit dissonant and all a bit too loud. Red skies and yellow smiles covered in inspirational mumbled, jumbled, glorious fumbles of pseudo-false-wisdom and of course, verbal gumbo. Now on demand, in high-definition, at the click of a button. Just for YOU.

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Search Engineering: Happiness (GIF)

Search Engineered Happiness. Internet Variety Calm. Sunsets! Smiley Faces! Free if you subscribe to our daily email! Have we mentioned the sunsets? They're omnipresent. They're omnicoloured. They might even be omnipotent, but we have yet to check the market research.
Here's a GIF thing I made. Click him. See him be big.
Google Happy Happy Happy

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Marshall McHuman

Hello there. I've been a rather slow at posting arts and designs lately, as becoming a master of the arts turns out to be a rather time-intensive thing to do. Here's a bleeping, flashing, little media monster to make up for it, that I birthed in this last stretch of internet silence. He's pretty ferocious. You can click him to see him bigger. I'm thinking of calling him Marshall McHuman.