Friday, 31 October 2014

Illustrations + Animations for Artefact Magazine

Halloween is upon us, and I've made some aptly phantasmagorical illustrations for an article in London publication Artefact Magazine's upcoming debut print edition.

The illustrations accompany Paula Wik's article about the rise in hallucinogenic Amazonian plant ayahuasca's popularity - specifically in relation to creative circles - including a conversation with actor Finn Jones (Game of Thrones, Hollyoaks) on the subject. The article suggests a possible correlation in a search for meaning outside of the confines of modern life. In Finn's words:

"Ayahuasca stood out to me as something that was just truth. I think that’s why people are becoming more interested in it, too. More and more, the world is becoming entangled with lies. It seems we’re living in more of an inverted dream world. People want substance, people want to know the truth and by taking Ayahuasca you can hit a true nerve in yourself."

My illustration depicts a mind rising above the darker aspects of contemporary society to a more open, beautiful universe, as ayahuasca users overwhelmingly describe a reattachment to the interconnectedness of existence - and particularly nature - in their experiences.

Animated version of one the illustrations, which will appear in Artefact's online magazine:

Still version of the illustration for printed magazine:

Second animated illustration for the online article - a rather hallucinogenically surreal take on a screenshot of Finn and Paula's Skype conversation detailed in the article:

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