Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Illustration for STRIKE! Magazine

I made some art for the newest issue (Nov/Dec 2014) of the wonderful STRIKE! Magazine, out in print now. It can be purchased online or at a fine establishment near you. (Seriously near. It's ubiquitously stocked.) In London it can be found at a horde of places including the Tate Bookshop, Foyles, the ICA and many more, and in shops across England, Scotland, Germany, America and Australia. See the full stockist list HERE.)

STRIKE! is an anti-profit, ad-free, independent, refreshingly lefty bi-monthly publication dealing in 'politics, philosophy, art, subversion, and sedition' for whom I was very pleased to work.

The theme of this illustration was surveillance, and as such, I made a full array of sneaky creatures.

Here be many spies. Many eyes. Many lies.

Also, several seals.

Full illustration:

Zoom view of part of illustration:

Zoom view of part of illustration:

My illustration right smack at the front of the magazine:

Nov-Dec edition magazine cover:


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  1. LOVE your work, so brilliant! Massive talent right here, have a magical day! x