Friday, 27 November 2009

Havana Club Drawing

This is the current illustration on which I am working. I've done it all by hand in ink, and now that the black and white drawing is finished, I'm going to add color to it, but I'm not sure how to go about that yet. The piece will be my submission for a competition run by Havana Club, the Cuban rum company. The winning submissions will become Cuban bar art, so whatever happens with the color, hopefully it will come off as festive! The picture is supposed to depict song and dance, the vibrancy of Caribbean, and specifically, of Cuban culture, and the life pulsing through Havana..


  1. WoW!!!!!!!!! It's so vibrant and vestive and yeah, color will add so much to this although just with ink, it already says so much about cuban culture. It's alive! I love the couple up front-awesome! I bet you have already been looking at cuban art to get a feel for what they want and i think that's where you will find the kinds of color you will use. Good luck girl-keep me posted. I love you


  2. Rebecca,

    Good stuff - don't skimp