Monday, 18 January 2010

Six New Illustrations

So, I have neglected my blogtastic for about a month now, and it' s time to change my ways. Time away from the exciting world of sitting in front of a screen, writing blurbs and posting pictures has been spent on a variety of things, including enjoying a bit of much needed rest and time away from London over the winter holiday! I have been working on and finished this series in that time, as well. This is a series of six illustrations for Lyonsdown that will be featured in an upcoming issue of the UK newspaper, the Guardian. Lyonsdown has a magazine insert in all copies of the Guardian. The first image, of the man on the phone-raft, will be the cover image for the magazine, and the following five will accompany articles inside the magazine. I've been quite excited to do this job, as the Guardian has a circulation of somewhere in the hundreds of thousands! In case it's not terribly obvious, there is a bit of a phone theme. :)


  1. love the new phone stuff!!!

  2. awesome awesome awesome, you go you working illustrator you!!!

    -Helen from CCA :D