Tuesday, 8 May 2012

London City Farms Illustration

This is an illustration I just finished about one of my favourite parts of London-- its city farms. London boasts around a dozen farms within the M25. These farms are home to a variety of animals, plants, and gardens, and provide welcome respite from their urban surroundings. I try to visit my local farm (Hackney City Farm) as often as possible, as I find visits there offer peaceful moments within a sometimes slightly mad city. My illustration refers not only to the farms' animals, but also to the their pseudo-hidden nature-- thus, the animals 'pop' up from behind buildings. London farms are not particularly advertised, and are tucked quietly away amongst their city environments, community residents often unaware of their presence. I truly hope city farms always remain a part of London life. Support your local farm!

The first two images below show the full final illustration in different colour variants, and the subsequent images depict zoomed views of detail in the illustration. Spot the various bits of London hidden in there!

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