Thursday, 2 August 2012

Anti-Fur-Wearing Illustration for The Alarmist Magazine

Illustration I did for The Alarmist Magazine about fur-wearers, made because
(1) I dislike fur-wearers, and
(2) I bluddy love a cheeky pun.
Check out their magazine-- it's pretty quirky. And dark. Win-win.
Click image to see it larger and not all strangely aligned under the right side of this site.
(Tech fail. SOZ, GUYZ.)


  1. This is the most retarded crap ever. Animals are here for us to use. Get the hell over it.

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    2. Oh dear.. With all due genuine respect, can we please keep my page free of preaching in both directions? Also this piece is about fur-wearing, not about animal eating. Thank you.

  2. Hi, anonymous! Actually, I'm quite jealous of you. It must be rather good fun (or at least not much effort, which is also a bonus) being a full-time internet troll. I also bet you're really interesting in real life, and that has no relevance to why you roam the internet going to random blogs, commenting with really witty remarks including phrases like 'retarded crap.' I also bet you're a very talented artist, so I totally respect your opinions and the time you spent objectively evaluating my art. Have a nice life, and just know, I'll be out here feeling sorry for you. Oh wait, scratch that. I'll be out here forgetting you ever wrote this, I ever responded, and that you exist at all. LATER, YO.

  3. I am in total support of this picture and its meaning. I believe fur is more beautiful on the creature it was made for. We have other materials to keep us warm and that do not harm other living beings!

  4. This is an incredible piece of art. You are a very talented young lady. Wishing you much luck for your future. So looking forward to seeing more of your work. I have enjoyed what I have seen thus far.

  5. Replies
    1. You should committ yourself along with every other vegan to a mental hospital. You guys are mentally imbalanced and need help.

  6. You idiots need your head examined. Nothing wrong with fur. That's why the animals are here in the first place.