Wednesday, 30 January 2013

NOISE - A Dystopian Video Project

If the phones from which most already cannot be pried were to evolve into our anatomy, what would we become? Tweeting-texting-cyborgs? What if we were unable to interact on a personal or emotional level, except via text-based communication? If interpersonal communication was written in code, projected from our bodies like physical 'tweets' on behalf of our mind, would evolution would render our mouths useless? Would speech, expression, and touch become obsolete? When everything is shared, tweeted, followed, and clicked, do even the biggest moments simply get lost in a sea of inane vanity, noise, and triviality?

A video by Rebecca Hendin, Leyla Asif, Kat GroƟ. Claire Munro, Tu Qian, and Yishu Tan,
Central Saint Martins Masters Degree Student-Extraordinaires.
Copyright 2013

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