Monday, 30 September 2013

Illustration Design for Reading's Whitley Arts Festival

Recently finished illustration/design Commission:
My flyer for 'Constellation,' part of Whitley Arts Festival taking place 25 October 2013 in Reading, England. The art will be printed at A4 and folded in the middle for distribution at A5, thus the sort of split-sided-conscious design to work as a folded object.

Flyer Front:
The front had to combine celestial themes with an actual, usable map of Reading, so that town visitors would be grabbed by the imagery, but could also use the map for real way-finding in the town.

Flyer Back:
The back had to stylistically match the front, but fit all the text about the festival events and venues. The main challenge came in fitting the information about 10 venues, whilst keeping everything both readable and interesting - and making sure that the most important wording stood out.

Flyer Front + Back Together:
Hopefully, the front and back of the flyer work together to form a cohesive piece - both engaging and useful. The final design object is printed at A4 and folded horizontally to make an A5 card. The right side of the flyer 'front' forms the front of the folded card, the wordy 'back' image forms the inside, and the left side of the 'front' forms the back of the folded final.

Project was art directed by Edmund Harcourt of Hogarth Productions for 2013 Whitley Arts Festival.

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