Thursday, 8 April 2010

The Accidental Creation, Images 1-4

What if the creation of the universe was all a big accident? Taking some biblical inspiration for this one, I have been working on a series of seven images depicting the creation story... but rather than some great, omniscient, powerful god, the god in my story falls more on the clumsy, daft end of the spectrum. This series shows creation as if it was all due to a set of mishaps onset by god's mistakes. Here are images one through four, portraying the first four days. On the first day, god accidentally falls asleep with his cigarette, causing a fire which becomes the sun. On the second day, god sits atop his new sun and has a good old jolly time with his wine, when he accidentally spills it, thus creating the seas. On the third day, god attempts to cook a stir-fry, which results in him spilling it everywhere, which creates the trees, shrubs, and plant life. On the fourth day, he gets a cold of epic proportions, and accidentally sneezes out the cosmos, creating the stars and planets. Click the images to see larger versions.