Friday, 30 April 2010

Malcolm McLaren Illustration for AU, Live Painting at St. Pancras

I just finished this illustration of the late Malcolm McLaren for the next issue of the Irish music, lifestyle, and culture publication, AU Magazine. 'Twas good fun. Click to see a larger version.
I also did a live painting session in front of about a trillion paparazzi cameras this morning at St. Pancras station in London for a Eurostar event welcoming Jarvis Cocker as their new cultural ambassador. That was interesting! Will hopefully be able to post some photos and links to coverage of that soon.


  1. Another fantastic piece of work ! I love how you use colour to focus and you really do have the expression just so, very hard to do I'd say :) you are very talented kiddo !

  2. I want this! on my wall. pretty please x