Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Dog-Heavy Illustration for AU Magazine

Oh, look! The wonderful AU Magazine, just put out their 80th issue! Hurrah for them!

My personal favourite part of this issue is, of course, the page with a sneaky walrus on it.  But there are also some fantastic articles (check out the cover story by John Freeman) AND I  have a new illustration inside, accompanying Steven Rainey's article about what Scottish independence could mean for Northern Ireland.

I've represented the involved countries through dogs (English bulldog, Scottish terrier, and Irish wolfhound), as well as through outright stereotypes. Here's to hoping no one is too offended by them. (I mean, everyone in England IS a Morris Dancer, riiight??) 
...Actually, on second thought, I hope it offends as many people as possible. CHEERS!

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